Sunday, 25 January 2015

MAC Haul

2 x 217 brushes // 224 brush // 242 brush // Naval Eyeshadow // Swiss Chocolate // Wedge // Nice 'N' Spicy Lipliner // Beet Lipliner // Vino Lipliner // Smoked Purple Lipstick // Plumful Lipstick // Snob Lipglass

Yet another haul from New York, these are the bits I picked up from MAC. Those 217 brushes are so white I can't even bare to use them yet which is absolutely ridiculous I know. The 242 brush I bought to pack on eyeshadow, 217's to blend and 224 to make sure there are no harsh lines in sight. Three more eyeshadows to add to my SECOND palette (tour on that coming soon). Then to attend to my current lip obsession: 3 lipliners, 2 lipsticks and a lipgloss. I think I need another face to try all this make up out on.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite product from MAC?


  1. Oh, I don't use makeup very often, but I have always heart it is a really great brand! Thanks for your tips! With Love,

  2. mac is a nice brand. i am following you, please follow back. thank you

    1. Thanks lovely, checking your blog out now

  3. Aah Swiss Chocolate is my favourite shadow, I use it all the time! Its such a perfect warm medium brown, it brings out my brown eyes so well :)