Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday Quote

Put your values first and be kind over being that person who always wants to win the argument. No-one likes stubbornness, easier said then done I know but if this is something you can get used to I believe it will get you far in life.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Currently Reading: Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham

“If I could take what I’ve learned and make one menial job easier for you, or prevent you from having the kind of sex where you feel you must keep your sneakers on in case you want to run away during the act, then every misstep of mine was worthwhile. I’m already predicting my future shame at thinking I had anything to offer you, but also my future glory in having stopped you from trying an expensive juice cleanse or thinking that it was your fault when the person you are dating suddenly backs away, intimidated by the clarity of your personal mission here on earth. No, I am not a sexpert, a psychologist, or a dietician. I am not a mother of three or the owner of a successful hosiery franchise. But I am a girl with a keen interest in having it all, and what follows are hopeful dispatches from the frontlines of that struggle.”

Yep, I just jumped on the bandwagon. To be completely honest I've not taken an interest into Lena Dunham before, not even seen one episode of Girls. I picked this up as I've heard good things and wanted a light hearted book for a change to the novels I'm usually into. So far I've read the first chapter only so can't judge just yet but I'm sure there'll be a review not far from now.

Have you read Not That Kind Of Girl? What did you think?

Monday, 16 February 2015

Mani Monday #7

I'm feeling classic this week. I love a red nail as much as I enjoy a red lip, I find it classic and sophisticated. Only problem with red is that it is definitely not a nail colour you want to have chip as it's extremely noticeable. With this in mind I went for the Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish in Deep Red. I've spoke before on my love for this formula, I'm ready to rock the red nails this week knowing they won't look scruffy two days in.

What's your favourite red nail polish?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love Is..

Sharing a bath // Sunday nights watching Netflix // Back-rubs // Sharing the last chocolate // Peeing with the door open // Sitting through FIFA // One ear piece each when listening to music // Lola's cupcakes // Sharing your wardrobe space // Having to explain why you need that much make-up

Happy Valentines Day! What's love to you?

Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday Quote

I absolutely love this one! It really does just speak for itself, you can never be too smart or invest too much in yourself. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Red Cherry Eyelashes: Haul

Let's start with the truth, I am not a false lashes gal at all. So why make a purchase? 6 pairs for around £10 I could not refuse. Lashes are something I think look beautiful when applied correctly so it's something I really want to spend some time on trying out and getting in to in the near future. I've seen the brand Red Cherry on loads of blogs and in tutorials so it was a pretty safe bet to pick these up. The only struggle I had was which numbers/style to pick!

Tip - Google the numbers of the lashes and you will usually get an image of what they look like on. 

I'm really happy with my picks and cannot wait to test them out. Available here.

Do you wear false lashes? 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Mani Monday #6

This week I wanted something even lower maintenance than the last. I picked out this Essie nail polish in the shade Limo-scene because I thought the pale shade would look simple and clean. To be honest I was quite disappointed with the formula of this, it was streaky and with 2 coats you can see it still wasn't opaque. I still feel it looks pretty but it's not the solid colour I'd hoped for.

What do you think of Essie polishes? Is this one just a dud?